HI-HO and Welcome

We are Austin’s newest unique hotel, located in the Highland area of Austin. Just outside the hustle-bustle of Austin’s iconic downtown area and nearby University of Texas at Austin, The Highlander Hotel provides a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you are traveling solo or with an entire flock, our modern and comfortable accommodations will have you counting sheep in no time. Looking for something to do? Our Austin Ambassadors will herd you in the right direction when it comes to the local sights and sounds of the Live Music Capital of the World. We hope to see ewe soon!

The neighborhood

The Boulevard District is Austin’s most up and coming area. Located between Airport and North Lamar Boulevards, it contains many of Austin’s local hangouts. Enjoy local faves such as Lucy’s Fried Chicken, Michi Ramen, or Stiles Switch BBQ if you are feeling sheepish. Interested in doing some shopping while in town? We have you covered! Check out some of our favorites such as Blue Velvet Vintage or Austin Books and Comics, as well as the nearby Arboretum and Domain shopping venues.

Legend of THE Pink Sheep

Legend has it there was a farmer in the Highlands of Scotland who bred an exotic strain of pink sheep. Thinking this would be a unique marketing tie-in for our hotel here in the Highland section of Austin, we imported several of them to deploy in our common areas. Though they were a source of great delight for our guests, sheep—especially kept indoors—are unruly. Pink ones especially. So we returned the sheep and replaced them with the highly authentic-looking replicas that you’ll see in and around the hotel. We encourage our guests to take pictures with the sheep and post them. #cheapmarketingploy #whattheflock #thehighlanderaustin